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About RELOTwitch

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RELOTwitch is a Freeware tool for small Twitch streamers.
It's showing the current viewers and if they are already followers.
The already known Chatbots are filtered out.
The mainwindow can be set to stay on top which is meant for streamers with just one Monitor.
The window background can have different colors.
White if there are no Viewers at all.
Yellow if there are Viewers.
After every refresh the background will change to red or green for a short time, which means green: there are more viewers now and red: there are less.
If the Option Chatsound is selected the Programm plays a system sound if someone wrote in chat.
In the lower window the chat is shown, just the raw text.
The INFO window shows a list of your current followers, you can set comments to the followers which will show then in the mainwindow.
Changes will list changes like new or lost followers or even if a follower renamed himself.

I made this program for myself and my needs, but maybe you will find it useful too.

Download it from http://relosoft.com/files/relotwitch/10014.zip
Make a folder like C:\\relotwitch and extract the ZIP content to it.
Dont install under "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)"
To use RELOTwich just start relotwitch.exe, as startup default it will use my channel to avoid error messages.
Change the channel to your own one and press "Refresh".
All Set.
RELOTwitch remembers the channelname, windowpositions and checkboxes.

Tell me what you think about it and what can be made better.
Maybe i implement it.
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